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TALK: Daughter of Smoke and Bone

     Hello fellows!
     Today, I will introduce another new "segment" (I'm not very assured as to what to call it) on my blog. I realized that I shouldn't have a spoiler-free and spoiler-full reviews in the same posts. So, my solution was to have a separate post for each. The posts named "REVIEW" are the spoiler-free posts about the book and the posts named "TALK" are the spoiler-full posts about the book.

     So here's the "TALK" for Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.
     Based on the title of this book, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, you would guess the protagonist was the Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Like, her mom was the smoke and her dad was the bone. or vice versa. I guess not.

     Also from the first page (Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well.), you would think her parents are an angel and a devil. BUT NO. She's still the Daughter of Smoke and Bone, she's just not the product of an angel and a devil. SHE'S LITERALLY MADE FROM SMOKE AND BONE because of the entire "resurrection" ordeal with Brimstone and Chiro.

     The SECOND we learned Brimstone was a "resurrectionist", I just knew Karou was Madrigal. I mean, both of them were Brimstone's assistants, they both had a wishbone and Akiva said Madrigal died. Well guess what? I knew it! I knew it! *insert victory dance here*.

     It's very rare my predictions on a book come true, so this called for a celebration.

     Oh, and when Madrigal said she wished her hair blue (on page 384), that just sealed the deal for me. It was obvious that they had extremely similar circumstances, they might as well be twins! Or the same person...

     Brimstone = resurrectionist?

     What even? That was not expected. At least, from me. I knew Brimstone had a peculiar job and they were involved in a war, but resurrection? Who saw that coming?

     When this book ended, OH MY GAWD. Akiva, what have you done?!?! Like, yes I understand that you were very angry due to Madrigal's/Karou's death, but must you really kill her loved ones? Brimstone? Issa? Yasri? Twiga? Didn't she tell you she was very close to them? Didn't she?

     At least we now *sort of* know what happened when Kishmish arrived with a burned note and died (not to put it in a light way though, I actually liked Kishmish). We know that they're dead and I'm pretty sure Akiva and friends were responsible but what happened?

     Besides this newfound anger on Akiva, I really, really like love him. He's so sweet and loving and kind and adorable and cute and caring and now I'm just looking for synoyms. To sum him up, he's AKIVA. What more could I say?

     Zuzana and Mik. Ohhhhh Zuzana and Mik. Their relationship is just so endearing and cute. The way they got together was ultimate goals and the way the treat each other is just. Like that's it, the only way to describe them is just because there are no words meaningful enough to match the definition of it. I totally ship Muzana or Zik. #OTPFOREVS. Okay, maybe not one true pairing but like one of a million true pairings. #OOAMTPFOREVS.

     Let's not forget Karou/Madrigal and Akiva. *Also* the second I read about Akiva in the first couple chapters, I knew he was the love interest. This calls for another celebration *insert victory dance here*. Akiva kept describing Karou as if she were an angel (ironic, really) and Karou would look at Akiva while mentally complimenting him on his face. When Karou and Akiva met again, and Karou led Akiva to her flat, it was FEELS OVERLOAD. Like, she freaking drew multiple sketches of him while he was sleeping. He was sleeping... And then they watched the sunset together, went out for tea. It was adorable.

     When we started to read about Madrigal and Akiva together, I shipped them so hard I was scared. I knew Karou and Akiva were the love team in this one and Madrigal was dead, so I was afraid I would ship dead Madrigal with Akiva more than living Karou and Akiva. All was resolved when we learned Madrigal and Karou were the same person. I was actually so happy because one of my problems were relieved from my back. Now I've got 98 problems and book characters are all of them.

     For this next book, Days of Blood and Starlight, I hope for:
  1. Karou to go to Eretz (this is expected)
  2. Karou forgiving Akiva (probably not)
  3. A third party jumping in between Akiva and Karou (because who wouldn't want a love triangle)
  4. The knowledge of who experiences the pain when you make a wish (it's either Laini Taylor hasn't revealed it yet, or I was just ignorant when it came to that part of the book)
     This is pretty much all I have to say for the book, I know this wasn't necessarily as much a book review than it was a book talk but I'm a beginner here so hey, give me some credit.

     Tell me what you have to say about the book. Any thoughts, opinions, questions? Just comment down below!

     That's all for my post, and remember: you should be a tree; they have awesome afterlives.

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