Hello fellows!

     It's Mia, and I guess you clicked this page to inquire about my life, and sappy stuff like that. Well, to be honest, there's nothing much to say about myself. Although you see I call myself Mia on this blog, my actual name is Maria (I shortened it by 2 letters). I'm thirteen, turning fourteen this October, I live in Mississauga, ON (and if you didn't know, this is located in Canada). I'm pretty much obsessed with books, books and (oh, did I mention?) books. This pretty much the sole reason as to why this blog is up and running. Also because I had nothing to do with my life at the time, and decided to run a blog. I'm feeling fairly accomplished, because until now I'm still updating and posting on this blog. To be honest, I thought this site was just going to be an in-the-moment kind of thing. I guess I proved myself wrong.

     Back to the actual ABOUT part of this page...

     There's little I have to list of myself because I've described my life already in one words: books. I may have started my blog just recently, but my love for books have always been there. It may not have been so intense when I was younger compared to now, but I've loved reading dating back to when I first learned how to. My obsession for books is stronger now than ever.

     You could pretty much tell due to my blog.

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