Saturday, June 27, 2015


     Hello fellows!

     Summer is here, and it's to stay (well until September, of course). I haven't done any recommendation posts yet on this blog, so I thought I should start now.
     Summer is the time for relaxing, romances, for me at least. Here are a couple of my fave summer love reads:

Title: Anna and the French Kiss
Author: Stephanie Perkins
My reason: You will just die of the cutesy-lovey-dovey-romance in this book. It's soo overwhelming.

Title: A Little Something Different
Author: Sandy Hall
My reason: A short, sweet love story taken from all perspectives but the protagonists. Great for a short road trip or travel.

Title: To All The Boys I've Loved Before
Author: Jenny Han
My reason: It's a beautiful story about a girl who gets pulled out into the real world. Filled with love, family and teenage problems, it's fitting for a nice read during the summertime. Or any time, really.

Title: The Book of Broken Hearts
Author: Sarah Ockler
My reason: Told in the view of Jude during the summer break, it's a real summer read that just makes you giddy all the time.

Title: The Fill-In Boyfriend
Author: Kasie West
My reason: A super-cute read, sure to make you giggle from all the feels.

     If you happen to read these books during the summer break, or if you've read them already, leave a comment below expressing your thoughts and feelings! To be completely honest though, what I meant was that if you're another one of those crazy fangirls of these books, contact me so we can fangirl together!!!
     Or if you have any summer reads you recommend me to consider, please don't hesitate on telling me. Leave a comment below for any romance books (heck, any book really) you love reading for the summer that you would like to share with me!

      That's all for my post, and remember: you should be a tree; they have awesome afterlives.


  1. Still haven't read The Fill-In Boyfriend, which is a surprise considering how hard I've longed for this book. Anyway, great recc's!

    1. OMG there's soo much you're missing out on with The Fill-In Boyfriend. Gia and Fill-In Bradley (his name is to be revealed as the story progresses) are just a perfect couple to read about during the summer season! I suggest you get to reading this right away!!!